Told a boy today that I’m mean and grouchy and he said that I wasn’t grouchy just more like a princess

So last night I went to a bar by myself by my house and first I was just sitting in the corner drinking by myself then this girl walked in and she was covered in tattoos and piercings and basically we closed the bar together and I walked her back to her car and she asked me to kiss her and I did then we got in the back of the car and she was on top of me and she took my pants off and licked me hard while fucking me with two fingers and I was saying her name and she said I was gorgeous and my smile was so cute I wanted to kiss her more so I asked her to kiss me again and she did and I smiled into her lips and I slid my hand down her pants rubbing on her clit and she was moaning and I made her come and we shared an unfiltered cigarette afterwards and yeah I had sex with a girl for the first time and wow okay wowoowowowow